Road Trip Planner

What You Need To Know About Road Trip Planner – Planning a trip is the hardest part of the trip itself, especially when you are traveling with a lot of people. But don’t worry, planning a vacation won’t be that difficult anymore after you read our tips.

If you are the “planner” in your group or family, then you must be the busiest person when your family or group is planning a vacation together. You will start hunting for cheap airline tickets, looking for hotels with the best prices, taking care of car rentals, to making travel itinerary. You will try to do your best; all for the sake of a pleasant holiday with your family and friends. Troubled? Definitely.

Road Trip Planner

Steps To Using Road Trip Planner By Website

We totally understand the hassles you face. For that, we will provide tips and guidelines for planning your vacation using road trip planner or google trip planner . You will be able to become a reliable planner for your family and friends, without the hassle anymore.

  • Determine the route of travel, the date of your departure and or return, and the number of people who will depart. After that, click “Search flights”.
  • After the results come out, you can choose and filter which flights you want, according to the flight time and price that suits you.
  • To make your search easier, you can filter the search results by selecting the number of stops you want, the range of departure and return times you want, the length of the trip, and the airline of your choice.
  • After selecting the flight you want, you will see a number of options for buying tickets in the form of an online purchase site (Online Travel Agent / OTA) or the airline’s website directly. Please select the most suitable online purchasing site for you.
  • After choosing the best online purchase site for you, you will be taken to the site’s page to complete the purchase
  • When you arrive at the page of the online purchase site, please re-confirm your order and fill in the personal data of all passengers. Follow the process until you arrive at the payment page, complete the payment according to your preferred method, and the ticket arrives at your e-mail safely.
  • Still feel the price you found in point no. 2 is too expensive? You can use the “Get Price Info” feature located on the top left, enter your e-mail, and wait for the price change notification from your target flight to enter your e-mail inbox. When you find a suitable price, please make a purchase following the previously mentioned process.
  • Don’t want to wait and want to buy right away, but the price is still too expensive? If your date is still flexible, then you can click on the words “Show all months” which is also on the top left side, and see the price list per day, until you find a price that fits your budget.
  • You can see the price difference as in the table above, or in the form of a graph like the image below, which will make it easier for you to see price movements from day to day. After finding a date with a suitable price, then process no. 4 you can follow back.
  • Done with the plane, now is the time for you to book a comfortable hotel for your family and friends. Open the travel website and enter the city, check-in and check-out dates, number of guests, and the number of rooms you want. Then, click “Search”.
  • Just like searching for a plane, you will also be faced with a row of hotel choices. Choose the one you like or you can also sort them by price, distance to the city center, guest ratings, and also the stars of those hotels.
  • Too many choices and you’re getting confused? First, filter the hotels based on price, hotel stars, hotel area, food packages, cancellation policies, facilities, accommodation types, and hotel chains.
  • After getting the hotel you want, choose another online purchase site that provides the best price, and the process continues like when you buy a plane ticket, until you finish making payments and the hotel voucher is sent to your e-mail.
  • Flight tickets are ready, hotels are done, now is the time for you to rent a car if you want to drive yourself while you are at the destination of your choice, or just need a car to transfer to and from the airport.
  • 4. Out of the results, you can directly select the car you want, or filter it by car type, features, fuel policy, passenger rating, transmission, and booking site to simplify your search process.
  • After that, select the car service provider you want and continue the booking process to payment like when you make a flight ticket and hotel booking.

How? How easy is it to book flight tickets, hotels, and car rentals through road trip planner Just by opening one website to plan a road trip, you can instantly book plane tickets, hotels, and rent a car at once! Why can we do it?

 Because road trip planner pulls price data from all online buying sites, airlines and car rental providers around the world to provide you with the best price. So, you no longer need to go through the site to buy airline tickets, hotels, or car rentals one by one to find and compare the cheapest prices, because we’ve done it for you.

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